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Artificial Intelligence

text-to-speech AI robot


Voiceover any text pieces in Numerous Languages and Accents

Bespoke Model

Create a Customised Model from Scratch

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Emotion tailored to text type that Delivers an Experience not just a message

Fixed Cost per Word Count

Fast Delivery - up to 1 million symbols in 24 hours

Bespoke AI Model

AI model robot

Tailored model specifically for your Business Case

Trained to a high degree of Accuracy

Designed to return Optimal Outputs with Efficiency in mind

Use Cases

optical character recognition icon

Perform Optical Character Recognition

Automate the reading and processing of documents with an AI model using OCR

document extractor icon

Custom Document Extractor

Digitise text and extract key data from large document volumes

industry sepcific documents icon

Process Industry Specific Documents

Tailor a model specific to your industry's demands and reduce manual document processing

Manage the whole workflow with Applicate

An easy to use system for mobile and web platforms to manage the development process, financials, updates and information exchange 

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