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App Development

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Packaged Solution for a Fixed Price

Fixed quote given at the start of the project and clear requirements are followed from design to deployment.

The whole service is bundled which makes it easier to assess deliverables and manage expectations 

Our Commitment

Efficient App Architecture

Before design and development, we carefully analyse the project and strategise the most efficient approach to building an optimal solution

Fast Delivery

All app solutions are delivered in under 6 weeks! 

We pride ourselves on fast and efficient work without sacrificing quality

5 Step Delivery Process


Mapping a Clear Strategy

Before commencing, it's important to accurately map the requirements, plan the app user flow and design a database scheme structure


UI Design and UX Flow

We create prototype screens and demonstrate an app flow to make sure everything addresses the user experience perfectly



Now that we have a working prototype, we code the whole application making sure all flows are seamless


QA and Testing

Before Delivering the app to users, we carefully and thoroughly test the application making sure all flows are seamless


Deployment and Support

Included in all packages is deployment into relevant App Stores and the Web. All Apps come with a custom Admin Panel and post-deployment support free of additional charges

Manage the whole workflow with Applicate

An easy to use system for mobile and web platforms to manage the development process, financials, updates and information exchange 

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