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ICarta Technologies is a company dedicated to building custom software for established corporations, small/medium enterprises and young startups. Our services vary based on your individual business needs, we can provide one off minor inputs of design or development, or we could be your trusted tech partner. 

We are a strong cohort of talented programmers, software engineers, designers and developers from junior to senior level. Typically, we would allocate a small team to your project, based on its requirements and provide services to you remotely. 

Before starting any projects, we will have an in-depth discussion and introduction to our team that will work with you. It will give you a chance to get to know who will work for you and decide whether you believe these people are the right fit for your project. 

We carefully pick our team members and are proud to have very experienced senior leaders with 100's of completed projects on their records. 

Based primarily in the UK, we have talent situated on 3 continents, Europe, US and Asia. Depending on your preferences, we can choose a team in your country, work remotely or fly to meet you in your location. 

Our strong belief is that people should work on things that they are genuinely interested in. With this in mind, we promise to provide you with specialists that are interested in the outcome of your project and never charge you unnecessary costs.

We are here to bring you results.
This is why we offer you an initial consultation at no cost, to discuss your project and give feedback from our standpoint.


How much do ICarta Technologies Solutions cost?


Each solution is priced individually as per your individual requirements. Cost is based on complexity of project, what technology stack will need to be used, team size and duration of project. Our prices are very competitive for the European and US markets. To get an estimation, please send a brief description of your project to  


How good is the work?


We focus a lot on quality and wouldn’t build something that is of low quality and that we wouldn’t use ourselves. Our engineers have over a decade of experience delivering high quality applications and our whole team continues to learn and develop their skills in the industry.


Can I see case studies?


Yes. Please get in touch so that we can send you relevant case studies of similar projects or examples of how we use certain technology stacks.


What do you guarantee?


We take responsibility for our work, therefore, we give you 6 months free support post deployment. This will involve any fixes and minor alterations, as well as bug clearing. All maintenance is taken care of so you will not incur extra costs.


How do I order?


Send your request through the website by filling in one of the forms, book a consultation call to talk about the project or send us an email detailing your requirements. We’ll take it from there and guide you through the quick and easy process.


I have an idea but I don’t know how to implement it. Can you help?


Of course. We understand you and will be happy to give you guidance during a consultation call free of charge. Please book via the website


Do you work for equity?


Unfortunately, we don’t. We realise that whole projects do come at a price and for some startup founders, this can be a roadblock. However, we would still invite you for a consultation call to plan a cheap MVP and get you on your way to finding investment.   


Who will do the work?


Depending on your project requirements, we allocate a team most suitable for the work. We will make sure that you are comfortable to work together and if you require, we can provide additional information and CV’s of the team. It’s important for us as well as you that we culturally align in terms of vision for the project and desire for the outcome.

Do you engage in partnerships?

Yes. If you would like to discuss partnership, please email us at or schedule a call to discuss. 

Didn't answer your question? Write to us and we will get back to you 

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